Thursday, July 30, 2015

Am I Open-minded?

Before we get started investigating purpose, I have chosen to reveal the true definition of open-mindedness.

This is part 1 of a logical series which I believe will inspire the true meaning of life. If you
give me your time, each series will build on each other.

So let's get started!!

What is "open mindedness" vs "closed mindedness"? This will be logical and crucial to understand if you desire to be "open minded". Society believes to be open minded one must  accept all people.  A deeper way of saying it is to just accept anything different than yourself because we are all right in our own eyes. This means basically society is saying that there is no real right or wrong because everyone is right in their own way so accept everyone.

This is a false view of how to be open minded.


Let the logic train begin:).

The mind is what we use to think. Therefore true open mindedness simply can't just accept anything at face value! That's not thinking therefore not minded. True open mindedness dives into deep thought on the evidence or facts provided. An open minded person after research and thinking will not just accept but reason why something should or shouldn't be correct. Being open minded requires an understanding of what you are open minded about, and to understand something you must first think to discover what it is you are accepting.

 The lie of society is that if you challenge or oppose anything you are not open minded but that in and of itself is not accepting a person who will not accept. This means by society's own definition it is a logical fallacy. The lie that we all must accept everything to be open minded has created a culture of backwards closed minded people who accept everything, and are thus closed minded due to the inability to think on why they are accepting. To be minded is to think, and to think is to question. Therefore to be an openly minded person is to be an open thinker. Another word for open here would be active. Therefore we can conclude that to be open minded is to actively think on the issues at hand. Society desires the opposite which is why the lie exist.