Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Greatness in The Simpleton: Small Town Southern Man

         Quote of the Night "What you do for a living will say a whole lot about who you are" 
Donny Garner
     When I asked Donny for an interview, I would never have imagined obtaining such a golden quote. The background behind why I chose good ole D.g for the interview dates back years to the memory of our typical Tuesdays. During my time as a college baseball player, the Garner family welcomed players to their home every Tuesday night for a grill out.
     The Garners portrayed the picture perfect image of southern hospitality. The man of the house, Donny, raised two of the most outstanding children. Donny's son, Tyler, has the character of a true southern gentleman. The youngest of the family is Donny's daughter Bailey, a Junior in college successfully going through nursing school. 
     All of the players on the Chattanooga State baseball team always looked forward to Tuesday nights filled with stress free games and some of Donny's wife, Kathy's cooking. Kathy has always been one of the most kind hearted women I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Those Tuesday nights, that may have seemed small at the time meant so much to our team; The memories we made will be cherished by all of us throughout life.
    The best part about those Tuesday nights was experiencing the Garners open their home to us in such a classy way. They never failed to treat each of the players as if we were all family. It is because of this southern home that I find hope for small town America today.

    So it is two years later and for those of you who have watched the YouTube video a lot has come to pass in my life. In my search to reveal the true meaning of life,  I wanted to dive into Donny's life to uncover all the benefits of this southern way of life.

The Insurance Man
        As Donny and I started our talks on how he had become the man he is today, he tells me Ben "What you do for a living will say a whole lot about who you are". Mr. Garner sells Insurance very successfully for Nationwide. I asked Donny what he believed his purpose in life to be? Donny replied, "I wake up everyday to take care of my family's way of life." Donny proceeded to tell me a little about his personality "Ben I have never been that millionaire risk taker. I have always been the play it safe kinda guy because insurance is protection for a lifestyle and I want to protect my families way of life" 
I could not help but smile because he was spot on. 
Donny is buying into the role he sells. Donny sells insurance, a very essential part of our society. Donny continued " I don't want one mistake to ruin someones life. That is why I sell insurance. I don't want one wreck to destroy your dreams". America needs more small town guys like this who go out everyday working hard for their family. America needs more role models who sell not just a product but sell themselves and qualities that every man needs. 
      As our friend Ravi Zacharias says, "If a person does not understand that the purpose of life defines lifestyle, then the lifestyle itself is hollow and the life is squandered."
       Donny shared a story with me of how he went through many life changing things in his past. He struggled every day to keep his head above water; Donny did not quit. I could not be more thankful that he persevered and was able to show me what a happy, simple southern home is. If he had gone and taken another job typical Tuesday's would never have happened and I would never have witnessed that true happy family. 
   What are you doing today that you feel to be unimportant? Realize you do not have to be the President to positively impact lives around you. People are starved for good ole America to return.
Purpose is the key to greatness in the simpleton.

P.S If you need insurance in the Chattanooga area Donny Garner is your man!

I Can Only Imagine: The Glimpse

        Here is our promise. Before God created mankind He knew He would have to become flesh and die on a cross in a very very painful fashion. He also still created us. Now if God does anything He does it for a reason.

       Whatever Paradise is like it's so so great that it was worth Jesus going thru what He went thru to get You and I there.

      It was worth nights by the toilet throwing up. It was worth all of the alone pain and suffering. It is worth the knowledge that not every human would choose Jesus and thus by creating creation all manor of everlasting suffering was created (aka hell) BUT yet God is good and He knows paradise is so so worth every hurt and every pain. If we just knew our promise:)

Monday, September 7, 2015

Does God Control Everything??

Okay, this video from Tim Keller is long but answers some major questions about God.
One of the big issues with God's existence is that if a God controls everything doesn't that make us robots?
I would actually make the argument that if God does not exist we are just robots to our own DNA structure.
But I won't attempt to make this argument, I am going to leave this one in the hands of a far more qualified apologist Tim Keller. WATCH THE VIDEO!