Sunday, October 4, 2015

Allow Your Imagination To Run Wild: If Time was a Bubble

Quote one "The basic truth is God's will" ----> "not your will for God" 
Quote two "One of the great truths of the Bible is that God is always working" 

It has been awhile since I have last written. The break was a waiting period for me to discover how to share the single greatest secret to success.
     Have you ever felt the weight of life become overwhelming? Have you ever reached a point of breaking and though you try so desperately to stay strong you simply feel yourself cracking?
     Welcome to the place life brings us. This is the reason one's outlook on WHY they are alive will shape how they handle adversity. We all know the quote "if a person's why is great enough they can achieve anything". The truth of the quote can be logically drawn out as follows-----> What you are trying to accomplish (fill in the blank)________ will at some point inside of time probably sooner rather than later be placed under the attacks of life and or the attacks of time. When the going gets rough (and it WILL) the very first thing a human being will ask themselves is as follows
              "Why do I desire the  (fill in the blank)________)"
Whatever you answer in the slot will determine if your WHY is big enough and therefore determine if you continue to pursue the task at hand.

     First quote to understand is  "One of the great truths of the Bible is that God is always working".  This concept if fully realized will make your Why unstoppable.
Crucial Theory From Quote
    We see glimpses of this truth as we go through life when we can look back and see that all though at the previous place or time we felt him furthest Jesus was actually closest.
Take that knowledge to your present situation reminding yourself that in your future situations you will look back on today seeing the revealing hand of God at work.
This pattern when realized enables one the strength via God's purpose to overcome our past, enjoy our present, and inherit the Kingdom in our future.
This is also a systematic way of thinking only possible with Jesus' death on the Cross.
    When you feel the adversity setting in remove your mind from the circumstances and reference the truth you know  which is Jesus is coming. I will certainly be with my Savior by 2100 AD.
Imagine if time is a bubble and when you die you are removed from the bubble into eternity.
This means if you are capable imagine YOURSELF after life re-looking inside the bubble and seeing the vivid images of God's hand working.
Then remember that the same God you will see working is working even when you can't see it.
You will see when you live this.

Finally the quote of the day now has a place. With the above concept in your mind read the following "The basic truth is God's will" ----> "not your will for God" .

Until next time thank you for your time inside this time. 


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