Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Purpose Behind Unmasking Purpose

I am certian of my ultimate outcome because what has been done for me on the Cross. This is why I find peace in my clueless about the now.
It's all working towards Jesus my Saviors beautiful story.
The arrogant pride deeply rooted in the depth of my human nature is a fight I lose everyday on my own.
I need Jesus I get lost in me without him!
I fear my constant talk of Jesus may sound preachy and thus scare ppl off and have them dislike me.

Then I remember the greatest miracle and wonder Jesus ever performs is Salvation. The ppl Jesus reaches through my non social accepted ways will be God's greatest miracle which has also replayed daily since his victory on the cross as ppl
 "from every tribe tongue and nation" experience salvation.
Lest America forget the gospel Is the great miracle of the Blood On The Cross!!!

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