Monday, August 31, 2015

Stephen Hawkins: For The Diginity of Science Please Follow The Laws of Science

      Quote of the night Stephen Hawkins "All is not lost if you fall into a black hole –you could simply pop up in another universe" 


              Okay I know how arrogant of me to think I can answer such a historical figure as Stephen Hawkins. Dear reader please refer back to my open-minded post because you need to be open-minded for this post.
             I give you my word reader that this weekends post will be lighthearted. We will take a break from the head spinning deep topics and investigate the greatness in the simpleton! I already have the perfect person to interview for the organically beautiful topic.

BUT For tonight lets go deep;)
             What is Science? Scientific observation is the core of scientific law or process. The skill of scientist is to make observation. Bam that's the key to science! 
             I do not believe need be to add sources to this statement due to the simple fact that no scientist would argue the statement---> But if you most challenge the statement just know;)-----> I will have many definitions at my finger tips to prove my claim;)
           Stephen Hawkins is quoted as saying

"All is not lost if you fall into a black hole –you could simply pop up in another universe" 

Dear reader what have we observed about black holes to scientifically claim such statements because all we know about black holes is that they are BLACK!!!

          No one has observed anything else on the topic and its not the only topic scientist will break their own rules that command them to be realest who believe only what they observe. Have we ever met anyone who has observed the beginning? The beginning being the starting point to this evolution process know as the Universe which has produced mankind (AKA it has produced you).

          For the love of science can we please follow its rules and stop grasping at straws to disprove an Author (God The Great I AM) being the only reasonable logical conclusion! It makes our society look desperately sad in our attempt to reason our way into being our own gods.

If you desire to know more on Hawkins views which you should (He is a genius) go to

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